We’d really like to see what kind of diorama you guys could come up with when using one of our kits as a starting point so we’re going to run our first “Dioramas Plus” contest.

The rules are simple. Use one of our 1/35 kits as a starting point, and build the best looking diorama you can.

The entries will be judged on the following:

  • Overall impression and presentation. What I mean is that when someone first looks at the diorama they go “Wow! That looks pretty cool!”. The diorama should look professional and “finished”. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a custom case or anything but whatever shows in the photographs should look good. The structure, figures and or vehicles should be positioned and finished in the most esthetically pleasing way.
  • Quality of workmanship. A professionally finished diorama is going to place better than one that looks as though it was haphazardly slapped together.
  • Originality. Depicting the scene or using the models in an especially creative way can only be a positive thing. Don’t be afraid to “kitbash” the models, or combining parts from several Dioramas Plus kits into one larger structure or whatever.
  • Quality of photography. You could build the best diorama in the world and it won’t look very good if the photos you take of it are blurry, out of focus, too dark or too far away from the model. We won’t be able to use them on our website or in our advertisements either. Likewise, don’t photograph your diorama in front of a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen or with your neighbors mini van in the background. I suggest taking the pictures outside on a nice day using a digital camera, with as plain of a background as possible.


How to enter: 

Send us at least 3 (but no more than 12) photos via email or on a CD along with a brief (one or two paragraphs) description of your model and how you built it. Contest deadline is Oct. 1st 2009. Contest winners will be announced Nov. 1st 2009.

Our email address is downtowndeco@montana.com

Our mailing address is Dioramas Plus 5323 Fiddler CT. Florence MT. 59833 USA.

Our phone number is 406-273-0942 9/5/M/F/Mt. Time.

The Grand Prize is your choice of $100.00 of any current or future Dioramas Plus kits. Second prize is a $50.00 credit towards any of my kits, and Third Prize is a $35.00 credit towards any of my kits. Everyone that enters will receive at least a $10.00 gift certificate towards Dioramas Plus products. 

We reserve the right to use any photographs entered in the contest in our Dioramas Plus website or advertisements.

9 Responses to “Dioramas Plus Inaugural Builders’ Contest!”

  1. Tim Zarco

    Nice site! Our club would like to submit some of our diorama photos to your site. Please email us if we could arrange this. Thanks!

  2. JimYeats

    Great site, the buildings look fabulous,I am in the process of ordering one of your kits at present, hopefully will have the diorama completed in plenty of time to enter your competition.

  3. dave - railbuilder

    I will buy some of your kits even though I want to learn to build entire dioramas myself. I have followed your military modeling work from the early days and I have to say you have created great work here as I would expect from a master. I can’t wait to get some of your models here to see what kind of details you do at 1:35. I know it must be great because you stellar work at 1:87 scale.

  4. Nick Nasta

    This is Nick from Battle Scene Productions! I hope all is well. This sounds like a great contest. I’m finishing a 1/35 Stalingrad factory real soon. If you haven’t seen my progress on Treefrog Treasures or our web site, I guess you’ll have to see it on this site.

  5. Nick Nasta

    I forgot to say that I like your products. I’m into realism and your product lines have that look.
    I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any of your products due to building everything from scratch.
    I’ll remember to send photos of my factory when it is finished to you guys and maybe it will give you some new ideas for a future project. Thanks for your time.

  6. dave - railbuilderdhd

    I know I didn’t get my diorama done in time for the contest but I wanted to know if you have the results and will be posting the winners on-line soon.
    I would love to see what others have done.

  7. ryan

    Are the results posted yet? and if so where?

  8. Steve Haden

    Also looking for the results…

  9. james mpistolarides

    any word on hobbyist in austin,tx.or to hook up from carrolton,tx.so i can game plan my bradley.in similar dioramas.

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