I’ve been busy!

September 23rd, 2009

I’ve been busy this summer casting, packing & shipping kits & I’m just about at the place where I can start to look at new kit ideas. I’m thinking about doing something straight out of Berlin in the spring of ’45 & perhaps another building or two that will be able to be combined w/our DP15 “French Bakery” kit. As always, I’m looking for ideas & feedback from my customers. You can reach me at downtowndeco@montana.com or call me at 406-273-0942. Cheers!


Randy Pepprock

Dioramas Plus

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  1. Sean Hawker

    Hey Randy, love the cast you make. How about making some builds of buildings in Hungary. I know myself and about a dozen others that would love that as there is only 1 building by miniart that is just awful (trying to be polite) plastic that i was overly disappointed that i spent 20 bucks on it and could have gotten another one of your castings.

    The time frame would be when the Russians invaded Budepest in 1944. I know that during that time it was still anglo-europeon but with the ottoman touch.

    Just an idea i hope you like it.

    Sean Hawker
    Avid 1/35 modeler.

  2. anthony dipasquale

    Love the buildings. I’m wondering when or if you plan on making any 1/35 ruined church’s? There are some out there but looking for something more than a corner or a wall.

    Just wishing
    Anthony Dipasquale

  3. Steve Haden

    Hi Randy,

    Just got in my first order from you, 6 kits. I am VERY pleased with the kits and also the impressive packaging, I bet you dont have to replace many broken pieces! Thank you very much. These should keep me busy for awhile, but be assured I will be ordering from you again in the future!

  4. Garth Kocher

    Hi Randy, I am presently completing a diorama which contains 3 of your kits in an 8 X 12 display. Contains kits DP 4,9,14 also Tamiya kit 250 M4A3 75mm gun. It will be called Patton’s relief of Bastonge. It is of course a winter scene. Lots of rubble and kit bashing. One reason I am writing is that winter is hard to do. Found two things that work real well for me. Cotton for piled up snow. Save cotton from all pill bottles, you never know when it may come in handy. Should be cut not pulled using good old white glue to hold itin place while using watered down glue spray and a pointed stick to press it into place. For I use sea salt from a shaker and once again the good old spray tohold it in place . It sticks almost anywhere even gun barrels with out disolving. I use a brand called Hain Pure Foods iodized sea salt, better than regular salt for your health not expensive and makes great dios. I have one small question. I am about to start on the DP13 kits you sent me. If the kit is European in nature why is the sign To Trains in English. By the way the Dio was built straight from the boxes by a 73 year old man with only one useable eye. Wish I had a camera so I could send you some pictures. Thanks again for your fine work.

  5. Robert Goldman

    How about some stuff for the ME? I need something to put with my collection of IDF armor and my other stuff as well

  6. Iain Hamilton

    These castings are incredible! The clean castings and easy assembly make these kits a joy. I am new to Dioramas and you have made the learning curve a lot easier with these highly detailed, yet simple to build kits.
    I also wanted to comment on the subjects you have chosen. Top Notch! Highly detailed and versatile, these kits leave the possibilities endless.
    Thank you for bringing a product of this high quality to the modelling community.
    Iain Hamilton

  7. simon parish

    chernobyl or russian buildings for war environments please! i bought the apartment and its great, but i think in would be cool to do a snowy modern russian scene

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