Q; What are the kits made out of?

A; The kits are cast hydrocal plaster complimented with laser cut wood doors/windows/acrylic glass.

Q; Do all of the kits include laser kit wood parts?

A; Almost all of them do, however, one or two of the kits do not require doors or windows (because they have all been burned/blasted out) so those kits do not. Look at the photos of the models. If you see doors/windows/glass in the photo they are included in the kit.

Q. What’s hydrocal?

A; Simply a very hard casting plaster. It holds detail well & paints or stains very realistically.

Q; Isn’t hydrocal fragile? What if I get a broken piece?

A; The hydrocal parts are bubble wrapped, then stretch film wrapped to a double sheet of cardboard, then wrapped in newsprint & then packed snuggly into a thick cardboard box. Packed as such, breakage is rare. If you somehow end up with a broken piece anyway (regardless of whether it was that way when you bought it or if your 3 year old knocked it off of the table) touch base with me & I’ll be glad to send you a replacement part at no charge.

Q; I’m kind of in a hurry and don’t feel like waiting for a new part. Can I just glue the broken part back together?

A; Absolutely. In fact, in military dioramas that can often add to the battle damaged effect! You can use 5 minute epoxy, white glue or even super glue.

Q; What kind of glue is best for these kits?

A; I like 5 minute epoxy best because while it gives you a few minutes to make sure your parts are straight, you don’t have to wait overnight for it to set like you do with white glue. White glue (or even yellow carpenters glue) will work, but you have to wait for it to set. Super glue will work, but keep in mind that since the plaster is very porous you may have to soak the parts pretty good. I do like to use super glue for attaching small parts (such as the doors/windows/glass) however.

Q; Do you recommend sealing the plaster before you paint it?

A; Yes. I give the parts 3 or 4 light coats of flat white spray paint so the plaster is not quite as porus.

Q; Are painting instructions included?

A; Yes. The full color instructions walk you through the painting/aging process step by step.

Q; Is rubble included?

A; Yes. Each kit contains 7 or 8 “rubble pile” castings & 100+ cast 1/35 Scale bricks. Much of the rubble you see in the photos though is simply kitty litter & cheap, smashed up clay flower pots. I explain how to do it in the instructions.

Q; Is the base incuded?

A; No.

Q; Are the figures or vehicles included?

A; No.

Q; Are the kits easy to modify?

A: Yes. The plaster parts are easy to cut using a razor saw or even a small wood hand saw. You can also rescribe and add detail to the parts.

Q; Are both sides of the castings detailed?

A; No. The plaster castings only have detail on one side. This is a cost containment measure. Simple detail can be scribed into the plain sides if you like.

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